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Narcotic Boxes are keyless smartlock barcode medication storage systems, made of tuff bulletproof clear Polycarbonate plastic. The system utilizes ID Proxcard recognition smartlocks, next-generation healthcare computer barcode scanners and super easy to use IntelliTrack Stockroom Inventory software.

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 Narcotic Safe Boxes achieve security through clear visual confirmation, with your choice of access: Keypad/Keypad Proximity card* HID/ Camden Proprietary Prox. or iCLASS HID/Keypad Magstripe card.* With the e-model keyless systems, you also get auto latching and a comprehensive audit trail. The model e300 version has full network capability with your existing Wi-Fi 802.11g or Ethernet connections. The new c500 model is an intelligent and affordable locking Prox. card solution that requires no Software.


5 models available: 920/ NEW e150/e200/e300/ NEW c500 


  Narcotic Safe Boxes are quickly opened with a large pull handle fastened to a hatch style recessed door, with a unique lift assist + soft down closing system. This allows for fast medication transfer from the existing tube transport devices in your building to the clear bulletproof Narcotic Safe Boxes. The elock can be opened by proxcard assigned staff members that regularly do not have access privileges to either the med rooms or med carts. The elock audit trail information such as, time, date, user names, etc... is stored in the elock and can be easily accessed through the **LockView5 Software.   

Why Track Meds?Narcotic Safe Boxes Demonstration - YouTube

 To illustrate: Imagine that the hospital pharmacy is using their unsecured tube transport system for med delivery on various floors and the hospital HUC receives the meds. The hospital  Proxcard staff ID badges and the medications existing barcode labels are not as yet being used as a simple tracking system. At this point the hospital may be losing valuable inventory. So to stop this from happening what they really need is an easy to use med tracking system along with a secure place to store the meds between the tube transport equipment and the med rooms. Narcotics Safe Boxes tracking system utilizes existing staff ID badges and med barcode labels while safely and conveniently storing the meds. Narcotics Safe Box system with barcode label tracking capability, remembers all transactions as they happen and incorporates three separate tracking technologies: 1 around-the-clock clear visual confirmation, 2 next-generation healthcare Mobile computer barcode label scanners, 3 keyless ID Proxcard smartlocks.

How Med Tracking IN WorksScan Med Into Narcotic safe boxes - YouTube

HUC ID members are assigned to regularly receive meds from the unsecured tube transport system, storing them in a nearby Narcotics Safe Box. The box is opened by using their existing Proxcard staff ID badges. The clear Narcotics Safe Box keyless smartlock stores a comprehensive audit trail of the time, date, name etc. of that person's individual Proxcard staff ID badge. Also in addition to the smartlocks memory, the clear box gives visual confirmation that the meds are still there. Next the hospital HUC ID member uses the handheld computer barcode scanner that's been conveniently stored inside the Narcotics Safe Box. Utilizing this high-tech barcode tracking computer, they scan their USERNAME and PASSWORD barcode label that's attached to their ID badge and touch the word IN on the screen. This allows them to scan the existing meds barcode label information into the unit. In mere seconds they have starting a complete history of where the medications are and who put them there. 

How Med Tracking OUT WorksScan Med Out of Narcotic Safe Boxes - YouTube  At a later time a staff ID member that has full med room access privileges, opens the Narcotics Safe Box with their existing Proxcard staff ID badge. Then removing the meds and the handheld computer barcode scanner that's been safely stored in the Narcotics Safe Box, they scan their USERNAME and PASSWORD barcode label that's attached to their ID badge and then touch the word OUT on the screen. Now they are able to scan the meds existing barcode label information that is instantly saved to the scanners memory. This is not an insignificant point because this information confirms who received the different individual meds for final delivery. This same responsible person brings the meds to the locked med room storage area or to the patient.

Tracking  Completed Retrieve Audit Trail from Scanner used in Narcotic Safe Boxes - YouTube /Retrieve Audit Trail from Lock - YouTube  All the tracking information in and out of the Narcotics Safe Box has been stored in the easy-to-use handheld computer barcode scanner and the smartlocks memory. This information can be easily accessed via USB cables or Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g tri-mode connection to a portable laptop computer with installed IntelliTrack Stockroom Inventory Software and  LockView5 Software. Both of these easy to use Software track systems keep a precise up-to-date record of all the different users, locations and events through out the work day.

Narcotic Safe Boxes barcode tracking system   Narcotic Safe Boxes Demonstration - YouTube

Clearly the right choice for: pharmacies, secure storage for med returns from Pyxis, nurse's stations, tube transport stations, transplant centers, research labs, hospice care centers, walk-in clinics, ER, OR, ICU, PCICU, CT and PACU areas...wherever med trackingaccess control and audit trails are needed or required. (Complies with DNV or Joint Commission standards and is 21 CFR part 11 compliant) *Cost savings by using existing barcobe labels, employee Proxcards ID badges and 802.11g Wi-Fi network.** Armstrong, Waterloo, Blue Bell and Harloff pharmacy carts all use Lockview5 Software.

 Narcotic Safe Boxes Demonstration - YouTube


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 Why we highly recommend our SmartLock models: In today’s world, the “key” to unlocking a push button lock is by using a number code, and it is only as secure as the protections around it. Once that code information is known, or a way to bypass the code is revealed, the lock can be defeated by anyone with that knowledge. With a "smartlock" this cannot be achieved.





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